Giles has made a wide range of designs as commissions including: xylophones, drums, gongs, hand held percussion, bell frames and tuned percussion. Sound environments Giles has designed and built musical playgrounds and sonic sculptures previously with Echo City and also in his own work. The designs have been for hospitals, schools, adventure playgrounds, nurseries and private commisions. Musical and visual ideas are included in the design of sensory trails and play spaces made specially for their setting. He also makes a lot of his own musical instruments to play in groups such as The Drones, and specifically designed instruments for shows with Indefinite articles puppet company, and most recently he has been using his musical inventions with The Junk Orchestra.

He has played often in improvised music events for the Clinker club , London and at the Hundred Years Gallery, where he has exhibited his sound sculptures.

Below is a link to a video of a Giant monochord which featured in an exhibition of sound Art at Bracknell art centre 2010.  The Drononium Pythagora

Musical instruments and sculpture