Drum making workshops


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 Suitable for Eco Weeks, Studying Specific Units, Activity weeks, and can be adapted for Inset training for Teachers.

 The workshop programme has been worked out using a range of recycled materials creating Cross curricular connections.suitable for primary school KSKS2KS3 and special needs schools


By far the most popular workshop this workshop is suitable for early years to an adult group with a passion for Samba rhythms.

 Below is an example of  a lesson plan for Primary school Key stage 1 to 4.

The workshops can be adapted to nursery and reception groups through to Key stage 1 to 5.

Timetable for Drum making with a year 4 group in a primary school

To include the history of drums, discussion of the science of sound and manufacture of a drum and drumsticks

Drum making.1 hour and 2 hour workshops.

2 classes and 3 classes per day.

Class comes in .

There will be an introductory talk and discussion with questions about music, drums across the world, use of materials, their musical properties, techniques, construction, when the first musical instrument was made etc, how the sound in a drum is made and a demonstration of the drum making method.

The class will design a strip to decorate their drum incorporating some of the themes in a specific topic the school is specializing ie African Heritage and musical culture.

they will  then make the drum using the method shown , make a strap and then they will make two sticks.

There will be an opportunity to use the paper rolling machine to make some of the sticks in the sessions.

We will be using felt tips, scissors and sticky tape.

Time  to play multi cultural rhythms.

Musical Instrument making and sound exploration.

The workshop starts off with an introductory talk, about musical instruments, use of materials, their musical properties, techniques, construction, accoustics and demonstration.Two classes of 30 can make own designs of instruments after consulting books and instruments from my collection.

They will draw their instrument and then after my introductory talk with tips of techniques about idiophones membranophones, aerophones and cordophones they will construct their own instruments from materials brought to the workshop.

Pupils are asked to bring in boxes, containers , etc from home.

There will be examples of made instruments, stick fiddle, drums, pipes, horns, rainsticks, shakers, etc

For reception or nursery groups sound makers can be used in a”sound curtain” or sensory wall or a musical pram /sculpture .

Making Sounds will be explored through the construction of sound sculptures.



Workshops are suitable for K Stage 1 through to K Stage 4.

Samba band. A set of  instruments made by Giles Leaman for use in processions

A new workshop in playing Samba and other rhythms on instruments made from recycled materials could be combined with carnival costumes or to accompany eco fashion show, a banner and fundraising event.

Other workshops.

Printing, book making, puppets and figures, toys and games. sculptural forms, robots and rockets, animal  mask making, hats and carnival costumes

I run after school activities in all the above workshops

Please enquire for further Information.

Classes and year groups catered for.

All materials provided.