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publicityI have 30 years experience working as an artist, community artist, a printer, a musical instrument maker and sound playground designer, and as a musician working with a variety of groups and individuals including The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Rip, Rig and Panic, Brion Gysin, Thomas Dolby, John Hegley, Echo City, The Drones, Ian Maglachan, Saul Eisenburg and The Junk Orchestra to name a few.

I work in schools as workshop leader for Early years, primary and secondary schools, working in  hospitals,  special needs schools, special needs adventure playgrounds, festivals, libraries, theatres, art centres, inset days, commissioned art projects, professional development for teachers and after-school clubs, in public events in parks such The Big draw and Black History month, and artweeks in schools.

This work has comprised Commissioned Artworks, musical sculpture and music workshops, drum making being the most popular workshop, delivering art workshops, training for teachers, and performance as a musician in shows presented to schools.

I  worked for 15 years as an arts co-ordinator  for The Source scrap project in Enfield, delivering arts training to schools and community groups, and during this time I devised a way to use scrap stores to teach across the curriculum, and provide training to teachers in the use of these inspiring resources.




Giles Leaman


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